'An open-source 3D printed electronics-free customisable crowd manufactured VR headset that isn't a headset certainly brings some new ideas to the table.'

'What is perhaps even more
amazing about this project, is that - if successful - it will pave the way to a new product development, design and distribution paradigm based on 3D printing and mini local factories.'

'21st century View-Master that uses your phone to enter Virtual Reality.'

Virtual Reality HMDs
Tailored for Your Eyes

With the ability of adjusting the CAD data prior to manufacturing every unit, Altergaze offers an accurate stereoscopic smartphone based visor that is tailored for your eyes.

Accurate Stereoscopy
With any Smartphone

With various display sizes, individual interpupillary distances, different lens positions and different focal lengths for every unit, building a Virtual Reality visor compatible with any smartphone that won't cause any form of eye strain wasn't an easy task. The solution was a set of custom made lenses combined with a few mathematical formulas that will calculate the precise point where your center of vision is on the screen.

Hexa Lens Assembly

On the hardware side, using a set of interchangeable lenses shifted to convey the required focal length for each smartphone display, you will always experience the same immersive 110 FOV (regardless of your smartphone's screen size). Using our optical system with bigger devices ensures that no screen resolution is lost, while on smaller devices it still magnifies the image beyond your field of view.

Hand Crafted Product,
Locally Produced Around The World

In a world driven by consumerism, where manufacturers are in a constant race for building as many units per minute as possible, Altergaze wants to try something different. By collaborating with 3D printer owners and 3D printing facilities from all around the world, we envision Altergaze to be a hand-made product, carefully crafted by one of our experienced partners based on orders and specifications. A product built with great care and pre-calibrated for you.

Every Altergaze is Unique
Over 8,400,000 Combinations

For our 3D printed smartphone based goggles, we are currently offering 3 designs to choose from (Hades, Zeus and Poseidon), 26 colours for the plastic elements (in combination of 3 colours per unit), 8 colours for the eyecups and over 20 different smartphone bracket sizes.

Over time, our database will grow bigger, reaching billions of combinations. Furthermore we can take any unit and transform it to reflect your brand or product by personalising the front plate with your name or company logo. We can even change the design altogether for special orders.

Click here to check out our Interactive Customisation Microsite

One-of-a-kind HMDs
for Game Developers

We can design a headset that reflects the game you are currently developing. You can use the headset both for development and for showcasing your work when attending game conferences or events where taking a PC based HMD might not be possible. With Altergaze you will always be prepared to show your work even on the go and make it stand out.

Affordable VR for
Education / Learning Applications

Altergaze can be a great device for introducing students to VR. Furthermore, students can build their own HMDs, learn about stereoscopy and use 3D printing technology. We will design an Altergaze with your learning facility name on it, supply you with the files and lenses so you can 3D print and assemble your own units and keep the costs down.

Marketing Tool for
Advertising and PR Events

We can change the design of our headset to resemble any brand you want to promote. Virtual Reality is a very popular subject today, so why not take advantage of this? With Altergaze not only will you be able to use a bespoke HMD as part of your event, but you will also host breakthrough VR events where hundreds of persons would immerse in a synchronised VR experience using their own smartphones.

360 Movies,
Virtual Tours and ArchVis

If you are an architect, you can use Altergaze to show clients how their building will look by simply rendering panoramic images using the 3D package of your choice. As a filmmaker looking to dive into the 360 movie making, you can use Altergaze as an elegant solution for showcasing your work effortlessly on the go.

If you are a 3D printer owner, check out the link below

FAQ on how to become an Altergaze Freelance Manufacturer

For any enquiries please email us: contact [at] agvr.co